In addition to the pages listed below, there are a number of other "people pages" elsewhere on this website.  For instance, several pages on the men from the village who fought in WW1 have been added to our World War One category.  

If you are searching for a particular family, please use the site's search facility to locate all instances of the name, bearing in mind that spellings have changed over the years.

If you are researching your family history, please add a post to our Family History Message Board.

We have also produced some Guidelines for Family Historians which highlight various resources on this site.

Category link: Family Histories
Family Histories
Click here to browse over 20 family histories, many of which include family tree diagrams
Category link: Funerals
Follow this link for a number of reports of Meldreth funerals
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Meldreth Guides
The History of the Guides in Meldreth
Category link: Obituaries
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Memories of Meldreth
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Follow this link for information on or stories about a number of individuals who have lived or still live in the village