Murder at The Gables

On 12th April 1904, Frank Rodgers, aged 15, shot and murdered his mother at The Gables.

The case attracted a lot of attention.  Not only was it reported extensively in the local press, but also in The Times on 26th April 1904 and as far afield as Australia.

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Page link: Murder at The Gables
Murder at The Gables
an overview
Page link: The Murder: what happened
The Murder: what happened
12th April 1904
Page link: The Inquest
The Inquest
14th April 1904
Page link: The Magisterial Inquiry
The Magisterial Inquiry
Melbourn Magistrates Court, 25th April 1904
Page link: The Court Case
The Court Case
Cambridge Assizes
Page link: Murder at the Gables
Murder at the Gables
What Happened Next