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Re: Muriel Nelson

By John Herrington on 19/03/2016 at 12:43

Many thanks Kathryn but it appears that your Muriel Nelson is not the author I am looking for, despite her being an author as well. According to newspapers from 1939 she was a playwright and authoress, whose play 'Where's there a will' and other peices were produced locally. The author I am after wrote a number of light number of light romances in the period 1920-1938. Which could not be someone one born in 1906. Muriel Louise Ranney was born in Chicago in 1906 and seems to have lived there until around 1923 when she left for France and later arrived in England where she married Henry Iredale Nelson in 1929 in Wycombe. By the late 1930s she is living in Meldreth but for how long I do not know as she was living in Royston, Herts when she died 4/4/1972. Her husband died in the Cambridge area in 1996. Regards John

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