Community Access Point

The location of the Community Access Point


By Graham Borgonon

Meldreth's Community Access Point (CAP) operated from 2005 to 2017 and was located at the Sheltered Housing Centre in Elin Way. 

Community Access Points were a government funded South Cambridgeshire District Council initiative using volunteers to set up free computer access in rural villages which did not have a public library or a village college. 

Meldreth qualified for  the scheme and with the support of the Parish Council a small group of IT enthusiasts volunteered as tutors.  The scheme began in 2005 and resulted in many local residents receiving training on the computers by our volunteers.  In 2017 the decision was made to stop providing tuition: many more people have become au fait with computers either through work or family and friends and the volunteers found themselves teaching fewer people.

Over the years, Community Access Point volunteers also held a number of events, including several successful family history open evenings were held. 

The CAP also provided a focus for history enthusiasts who set up Meldreth Local History Group.  The Group continues to use the facility on a twice-monthly basis to research local and family history.

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