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Please see if you can help us with some of our queries

By Kathryn Betts

If you can help us with any of the questions below, please add a comment to the bottom of this page.

Thank you.

Flambard's Mill

The mill was destroyed by fire. If you know when the fire occurred, or have any photographs of the mill, please add a message to the bottom of this page.  Thank you.

Unidentified House

This postcard shows a house in Meldreth.  Can you tell us where it is/was?

Photo:Unidentified House

Unidentified House

From Ken Winter (3/5/2011):
I think this may be St. John's Farm, near Fieldgate Nurseries (below).  What do others think?

Photo:St John's Farmhouse

St John's Farmhouse

Photograph by Ken Winter

The Ragged Pump

One of our members remembers the area between Fieldgate Nurseries and Sheene Farm (i.e. south of the road) being called the Ragged Pump when she was a child.  Unfortunately she doesn't know why.  Do you?  If you do please let us know.  You could add a comment by clicking on the link below.

World War 1 Photograph 

Photo:Nurses and wounded servicemen outside Hope Folly

Nurses and wounded servicemen outside Hope Folly

Les Thurley

The above photograph may have been taken outside Hope Folly during World War One and if so, suggests that Hope Folly was used as a hospital at this time.  The only person we have been able to identify so far is Charles William Thurley, who is pictured second from right in the middle row.  If you have any further information about this photograph or can identify any of those pictured, please add a comment by clicking on the link below.

Village Group, 1930s/1940s

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Can You Help?' page

Photograph supplied by John Fitzgerald

The photograph above has been sent to us by John Fitzgerald. We have been able to identify a few people in the photograph including Hubert Ellis and his second wife, Marion (centre of the front row). This gives us a date of between 1933 and 1949 for the photograph.
If you can tell us what the occasion was or can identify any of those pictured, please add a comment to this page or email us.
Many thanks.

This page was added by Kathryn Betts on 14/03/2011.
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A Melbourn lady used to wash in the Ragged Pump everyday. Her name was Frizzie Harper, wife of Fred Harper. Information from Eric Walbey.

We have also been told that the Ragged Pump was a shingly beach where boys could get into the water for fishing etc. Information from Ken Winter and Brian Pepper.

By Terry Dash
On 01/08/2011

Village Group, 1930s/1940s

I think the first lady standing on the left of the photo is Miss Crow who lived with Miss Hammond (the lady standing fifth from left). They lived at Meldreth House, next to the then Post Office. Mrs Wilmott is the lady sitting to the left of Mrs Ellis (seated in the centre, wearing a hat) and they lived next to the Adcock family in the High Street. Mrs Jeffreys could be the person next to Miss Crow but I'm not sure.

By Judy Murray
On 09/01/2014

In the back row of the village group photograph is the Rev. J G Davis and his wife of the Melbourn Congregational church and to me a visiting Cleric.  I have no idea what the occasion could be. With regards to the ragged pump, this was the place that horse drawn carts could drive almost right in and fill up to supply the various thrashing engines.

By Doug Winter
On 30/04/2014