Abbis Worland (1872 - 1947)

Veterinary Surgeon and Publican

By Kathryn Betts

Photo:Abbis Worland and his wife Martha Augusta (nee King) with their children Lily and Abbis Kenneth, c. 1912

Abbis Worland and his wife Martha Augusta (nee King) with their children Lily and Abbis Kenneth, c. 1912

Photograph supplied by Walter Worland

Abbis Worland was born in Ashwell, Hertfordshire in 1872.  His parents were Abbis Worland (b. 1834 in Meldreth) and Mary Ann Worland, nee Driver (b. 1843 in Meldreth).

By the time Abbis was 19,[1] he had moved with his family to Meldreth and was living with his parents and siblings in the High Street.  There is no occupation given for him.

He married Martha Augusta King of Melbourn on 2nd February 1897 in Wimbledon.  Their first child Lily, or Lilian, was born there three weeks later on 23rd February 1897.  Some time between Lilian's birth and the birth of their son, Abbis Kenneth Wootten on 18th April 1898, they returned to Meldreth and Abbis worked as a publican.  Both of the children were baptised at Holy Trinity Church Meldreth, on 14th June 1898.

The Green Man

Photo:Detail from a 1905 postcard, showing the Green Man

Detail from a 1905 postcard, showing the Green Man

R H Clarke postcard supplied by Brian Clarke

Photo:The same view in 2007

The same view in 2007

Photograph by Tim Gane

By 1901 the family was living at the Green Man Public House in North End.[2]  In addition to his given occupations of veterinary surgeon and assistant overseer he was still a publican.  He was also the census enumerator for the village in 1901 and 1911. 

According to a short article in the Royston Crow, by 1910 Abbis Worland had not taken out an excise licence for some years and the house was referred to the Compensation Authority.  As trade was a mere half a barrel per week it is unlikely to have made much difference to the family's income.


Murder at The Gables

In 1904, Abbis Worland was a juror at the inquest into the death of Georgina Rodgers at The Gables.

Valley Farm

After the death of his mother in 1910, Abbis and his family moved to Valley Farm, Meldreth.  In the 1911 census, he lists his occupation as Assistant Overseer.

Photo:Valley Farm, November 2008

Valley Farm, November 2008

Photograph by Kathryn Betts

Martha Augusta died at Valley Farm on 28th April 1927.  Abbis died twenty years later, on 23rd September 1947 at the age of 75.  His given occupation was farmer.  He is buried in Fenny Lane Cemetery, Meldreth.

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[2] 1901 Census for Meldreth: RG13 piece 1296 folio 48 page 6

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