Community Events in Melwood:Woodland Fun Day 2010

By Bruce Huett

Photo:Melwood in Summer

Melwood in Summer

Tim Gane

On Saturday 24th October 2010, Cambridgeshire County Council countryside officer, Charlotte Lowry, together with the Melwood Conservation Group hosted a Woodland Fun Day in Melwood for families in Meldreth and surrounding villages.

Both the woodland and the adjacent meadow looked wonderful, free from litter and with a blaze of autumn colours from trees and shrubs. 

Unfortunately there was intermittent rain but this didn’t prevent Chris Goodwin from leading a full programme of activities for local children.

Engagement with the natural environment, problem solving and the understanding of team work through the medium of art provided the main focus as children (and parents) experimented with colour ("Don't berries look RED!"), sound ("I've got a xylophone made of slate!”) and shapes ("This is MY den now - and it's a triangle!") to make an environmental sculpture: the Melwood Mosaic.

Visiting parents were delighted to see their children so actively involved as children dashed from one activity to another.

For a few hours a vital link between ‘people and place’ and ‘habitat and humanity’, which has been partially lost in our modern hectic lives, was re-formed in Melmeadow.  This link is fragile but is something at the heart of the Melwood Conservation Project.

If you have any photographs from this event, please contact us.

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