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Meldreth School celebrated its centenary in 2010 and Meldreth Local History Group researched the school's history. The results have been uploaded to the site and are arranged in chronological order under the topic of Education. This is just one of many pages on the school. If you can help identify any of the children, please add a comment to the bottom of the page.

Meldreth School Formal Photographs

1912 - 1960

By Kathryn Betts

These are the only known formal group photographs taken at Meldreth School between 1912 and 1960.  If you know of any other photographs, or can add any names, please add a comment at the bottom of this page.

Photo:Meldreth School, 1912

Meldreth School, 1912

The photograph was taken after the school was presented with the Cambridgeshire Attendance Shield.

The children in the photograph above are aged from 3 to 12.  It is believed to include the following pupils:

Fred Aldridge, Gladys  Aldridge, Vera Barnes, Emily Blows, ? Budget, Ivy Butler, Jubal Butler, Daisy Butler, Florrie Butler, Fred Christmas, Fred Course, Minnie Course, Audrey Course, Lottie Croxall, Charlie Croxall, Jack Dash, Ernie Dash, Lolly Dash, Basil  Dyson, Grace East, Percy Farnham, Arthur Farnham, George Farnham, George Fincham, Harry Folbigg, Nora Green, Edie Green, Percy Hale, George Hale, Stanley Hale, Gladys Harrup, Jack Hodgkinson, Winnie Hodgkinson, Connie Jacklin, Fanny Jacklin, Dora Jacklin, Maud Jacklin, Daisy King, Mary Linsdell, Betty Linsdell, Kitty Linsdell, Bill Linsdell, Edwin Lydall, Ernest Lydall, Gladys Mead, Ethel Mead, Winifred Moxon, Dolly  Moxon, Percy Negus, Gladys Negus, Percy Oakman, Percy Pepper, William Pepper, Walter Plumb, Charlie Plumb, Emily Plumb, Queenie Rayner, Ruby Rayner, Reginald Rumbold, Alice Rumbold, Lewis Simons, Ivy Stallibrass, Fanny Vellam, Sarah Vellam, Arthur Walbey, Jack Wing, Montie Wing, Bert Woodcock, Edna Woodcock, Gwen Woodcock

The following children have been identified in the photograph: Percy Pepper, William Pepper, Jack Cox, Mona Cox.  For details please see the comments at the bottom of the school photographs page.

The following members of staff are also pictured:

Headteacher: Mr Frederick John Aldridge

Teacher: Miss Maud Stearn

Teacher: Miss Violet Huggins


Meldreth School Rugby Team, 1925

Photo:Meldreth School Rugby Team, 1925

Meldreth School Rugby Team, 1925

Photograph supplied by Ann Handscombe

From the school log book on 10th March 1925:

Mr M Mitchell of Christ's College Cambridge has offered to teach the boys of the school Australian Rugby Football.  He has also offered to buy their equipment.  His offer has been accepted.

Back row, from left: Horace (Sonny) Waldock, Ken Farnham, Archie Jacklin, Norman Gipson, Theo Mead, Cecil Handscombe, Jackie Dossett

Middle row, from left: Harry Pepper, William (Bill) Thurley, Eric Nodder, Sid Pearce, Albert Green, Bill Dossett

Front row, from left: Alfred Mead, Albert Walbey, Donald East, Sidney Butler, Rosslyn Nodder

Entire School, 1925

Photo:Entire School, 1925

Entire School, 1925

From a newspaper cutting supplied by Sylvia Gipson

Class 1, 1928

Photo:Class 1, c. 1928

Class 1, c. 1928

Photograph supplied by Ann Handscombe

Back row, from left: Dennis Pepper, Jason Palmer, James Light, Cyril Harper, Donald Barnes, Harold Croxall, John Gipson, Gordon Handscombe

Middle row, from left: Peggy Cox, B East, ?, Beatrice Light, Gladys Waldock, Flora Waldock, Gladys Wing, Helen Waldock, Violet Gentle

Front row, from left: Wilfrid Butler, Neil Dash, James Winter, ?, Tessa Prime, Stanley Gentle, Margaret Jacklin, Eric Andrews, Eddie Andrews, Ken Waldock

Class 2, 1928

Photo:Class 2, c. 1928

Class 2, c. 1928

Photograph supplied by Sylvia Gipson

Back row, from left: Ross Nodder, George Linsdell, Reg Jarman, Albert Walbey, Alfred Mead, Jack Dossett, Derrick Pepper, Edwin Nodder, Donald East, Keith Jacklin

Middle row, from left: Joyce Jacklin, Barbara Jarman, Phyllis Abrey, Gladys Symonds, Bessie England, Mary East, Evelyn Waldock, Phyllis Law, Alice Harrup

Front row, from left: Iris Pepper, Sylvia Gipson, Joan Pepper, Grace Pepper, Ursula East, Mary Waldock, Alice Walbey, Kathleen East, Edith Nodder, Gladys Thurley, Doreen Jarman

On floor, from left: Dennis East, Puck the dog, Arthur Light

Entire School, 1938

Photo:The entire school, 1938

The entire school, 1938

Photograph supplied by Dennis Dash

Back row, from left: Gerald Abrey, Norman Plumb, Dennis Wisby, Jack Farnham, Vic Hale, Reg Carter

Second row, from left: Rodney Plumb, ?, Bernard Howell, Albert Dash, Stan Pearce

Third row, from left: Heather Paterson, Sylvia Stubbing, Millie Dash, Enid Fost, Mary Stubbing, Angela Pepper, Doreen Farnham, Joan Stubbing

Fourth row, from left: Freddie Pearce, Daphne Stubbing, Edna Beane, Jean Wing, Eric Pateman

Front row, from left: Tony Hale, Dennis Dash, Gip the dog, Roy Rumble, ?, ?, Dennis Oakman

Class 1, 1946

Photo:Class 1, c. 1946

Class 1, c. 1946

Photograph supplied by Brian Clarke

Back row, from left: Michael Hunt, Orton Radford, Robert Webb, ?

Middle row, from left: Diana Burgess, Brian Pepper, Stanley Pateman, ?, John Salmon, Alan Chamberlain, Joan Jacklin

Front row, from left: Pauline Salmon, Christine Hart, Rosemary Cross, Sheila Clarke, Ann Day, Arlene Howell, Caroline May

Class 2, 1946

Photo:Class 2, c. 1946

Class 2, c. 1946

Photograph supplied by Ken Winter

Back row, from left: John Sims, Peter Salmon, John Day, Mervyn Thurley, Ivan Jacklin, Ken Winter, David May

Middle row, from left: Wilfred Dellow, Michael Worledge, Colin Salmon, Michael Burgess, Roger Hart, Adrian Pearce, Billy Harrup

Front row, from left: Kathleen Winter, Janice Thurley, Miss Broughton, Dawn Farnham, Una Meikle, Ann Adams

Entire School, 1948

Photo:Entire school, 1948

Entire school, 1948

Photograph supplied by Brian Clarke

Back row, from left: ?, Trevor Jude, Bryn Jones, Robert Webb, Stanley Pateman, Brian Pepper, Michael Hunt, Alan Chamberlain, Heydon Jones, ?

Second row, from left: Sheila Clarke, Ann Day, Diana Burgess, John Salmon, Joan Jacklin, Peter Oakman, Beryl Burling, Caroline May, Judith Pearmain

Third row, from left: Brian Mead, Arlene Howell, Ruth Adams, Christine Hart, Miss Broughton, Barbara Cox, Felicity Bowen, Ronnie Hunt

Front row, from left: Colin Mead, Shirley Hunt, Orton Radford, Phyllis Burling, Ronald Winter, Rita Rumble, Brian Clarke, Barry Clarke

This page was added by Kathryn Betts on 06/12/2010.
Comments about this page

Ref, the school photograph  of 1938. I remember a school sports day in 1941/42 when Mary Stubbing won every athletics event, beating all the boys. I think she came second though in throwing the cricket ball, which was won by Albert Dash.

By Ken Winter
On 14/04/2011

Ref. the school photograph of 1938. I found an entry in my fathers diary Oct. 1940. "Don (our evacuee) and his two pals Jack and Frank, who are twins and as like as two peas in a pod, have been playing gangsters with tommy guns most of the day." I would guess that they are the unnamed twins in the above photograph. I don't know their surname or whether they were evacuees or not.

By Ken Winter
On 22/04/2011

1948 school photograph: I think the girl in the third row, between Barbara Cox and Ronnie Hunt, is Felicity Bowen, who used to live in what is now the village shop.

By Terry Dash on behalf of Christine Packer (nee Hart)
On 26/04/2011

Thank you for your comment, Christine. I have now added Felicity's name to the 1948 photograph.

By Kathryn Betts
On 26/04/2011

Can any of these pictures be purchased? Would love to get the ones showing my Mum and uncles: Pauline, Peter, Colin and John Salmon.

By David Williams
On 14/11/2011

Thank you for your enquiry. Some of the images on the website are under copyright and we are not permitted to sell prints of those images. However, for those where copyright restrictions do not apply we charge £3 for prints up to approximately A5 size, £5 for those between A5 and A4 and £8 for larger prints, up to A3 size. Images are printed on photographic paper and postage and packing will be charged in addition to these prices. To place an order for specific images, please email us.

By Kathryn Betts
On 14/11/2011

The girl standing between Flora and Helen Waldock is Gladys Wing in the photograph of Class 1 1928

By John Gipson
On 16/11/2011

Thank you, John. I have added Gladys' name below the photograph now.

By Kathryn Betts
On 16/11/2011

The boy holding the ball in the 1925 Rugby team is Donald East.

By Terry Dash
On 17/11/2011

Thank you, Terry. I have now added Donald's name.

By Kathryn Betts
On 17/11/2011

Does anyone know anything else about the family of Janice and Mervyn Thurley in the "Class 2 1946" photo? 

By Wayne Thurley
On 23/09/2013

If anyone knows anything about the Bill Thurley who appears in the 1925 Rugby team photo (parents, wife, children, etc) that would be great. It might be the same Bill Thurley who appears in the 25 year awards photos for the Altas company. I think Bill's parents might have been William and Mary (Wing).

By Wayne Thurley
On 03/03/2014

Bill Thurley (snr) worked at the Atlas Stone Company and lived at 1 West Way. His son was also called Bill and he is pictured in the 1925 Rugby team. Bill (jnr) lived all his life at 1 West Way. He worked as a builder for Mr. Paterson before going self employed. He never married.

By Terry Dash
On 10/03/2014

Hi Terry, Your comments have been extremely helpful. You have clarified the Thurley photos. I was one generation above what I should have been. Bill senior was married to Grace Brown and his father (also Bill) was married to Mary Wing. I was of the opinion that Bill junior never married and you have confirmed this. Thanks again.

By Wayne Thurley
On 20/03/2014

I was so pleased to see the class 2 1928, because on it is my mother Barbara Jarman and my Aunt and Uncle, Doreen and Reg Jarman. It is the clearest photo of them as children I have seen.

By Avril Barnett
On 28/09/2014

The photo Class 2 1928 front row left it should be Iris Pepper not Christine Pepper; she is not in the photo. Iris was the eldest child of Edward and Annie Pepper, my grandparents.

By David Pepper
On 11/02/2018

Thank you for letting us know David. I have now corrected the name on this page and on the other page the photograph is on: school photographs from the 1920s.

By Kathryn Betts
On 11/02/2018