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There is also a concrete clad stench pipe at the end of Brewery Lane, just before you get to what was the farmyard.

By David Pepper
On 28/09/2017

Thanks very much for this David. I have now slightly adjusted the text based on this new "sighting" and taken a picture which has been added to the gallery. This one is particularly interesting as it is the only one that I am aware of to the north of the village.

By Bruce Huett
On 29/09/2017

There is another stench pipe in the High Street, opposite the Tavern flats.

By Ann Rogers
On 21/10/2017

Many thanks Ann. This is well hidden! I drove past three times in different directions and couldn't see it. It was only when I walked past on the opposite of the road that I spotted it. I'll try and get a photo posted in the next few days.

By Bruce Huett
On 23/10/2017

I don't suppose you know who is responsible for the maintenance of stench pipes?

By Natalie
On 07/03/2018

Hi Natalie. It seems to be a shared responsibility between the Water Authority and the Local Council. You might find this amusing: "At a recent meeting of the Lambeth Council Environment Scrutiny Committee, a question was asked about responsibility for the maintenance of stench pipes, which are part of the main sewage system. From discussions it became clear that there are 158 of these pipes in Lambeth but neither the Council nor Thames Water, who are responsible for the sewage system, know where they are!"


I would be interested to hear why you are interested in maintenance. Is there a problem with one close to you?

By Bruce Huett
On 21/03/2018

Hi, we have one right at the entrance to our property on Orchard Road in Melbourn (Water Lane side). I totally get it has an important function but surely there's a better, more modern way than having a great big ugly concrete post stuck in the air. I've lost count how many times I've nearly scraped the car on it, and have to take a wide berth to get out (1st world problems, I know). I spoke to both the local council & water authority about it and they seemingly didn't share my enthusiasm to find a better alternative ... any suggestions therefore very welcome.

By Harry
On 05/07/2018