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There are two photographs of my grandfather in this gallery, taken after he put his car in the ditch outside his house.  The house was sold in 1978 for £28,000.  How times change!

By Jayne Richardson nee Pepper
On 26/04/2012

We have recently moved into what I now know to be Mr Pepper's old house and I would be delighted to find out more about its history and to receive any old pictures of it.  We would also really love to know more about the spring at the front, and whether there is a well behind it somewhere? Thank you.

By Clare
On 26/06/2013

I wonder if anyone could tell me Mr Pepper's first name?Thank you.

By Ian Jackson (Pepper)
On 26/06/2013

Mr Pepper's first name was Harold. Before he came to Whitecroft Road he lived at the Queen Adelaide pub in Whaddon, which has recently been demolished. Captain Gordon Bartlett lived in Whitecroft Gables during the forties and possibly into the fifties.

By Terry Dash
On 29/07/2013

Clare, I am the granddaughter of Harold Pepper. I will look out some pictures of Whitecroft Gables. I spent a lot of my childhood there. It was a lovely house - I'm sure it still is. 

By jayne richardson nee pepper
On 06/04/2015

Hi Jayne, I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner. That would be extremely kind! Thank you very much. 

By Clare
On 11/05/2015