Malton House

By Gail Flitton

From a letter written by my great grandfather, Ralph Henry Flitton to his son in 1927:

Photo:Malton House

Malton House

Photograph provided by Gail Flitton

I remember my father speaking of his grandfather's* house at Malton House, where the hall table was loaded with food & ale for all comers to partake if they liked.  This occurred at all festive seasons, hunts and shoots and not alone at Xmas.  They kept what was called "Open House", all the neighbours and surrounding gentry welcome.  The hall was a fine room about 45 by 30 and 25 in height, a large open fire place for big oak logs at the end farthest from the door and a gallery ran round up a side oak staircase.  This was a fine estate of more than 500 acres and sold by the family on the death of my great grandmother** who lies buried at Meldreth.  She lived to be 81 years old. Most of my great uncles went to Australia.  They were a sporting lot and the girls were noted for their riding: they used to jump their horses over the river which the photo shows ran in front of the house, The Cam.  The lawn ran down to the water in front of the house.  A very nice old brick built country house.

* William Scruby Flitton, 1793-? b. Abington Piggotts

** Mary Scruby Flitton, c. 1771-1852 b. Orwell

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