School Photographs from the 1930s

By Kathryn Betts

Entire School, 1938

Photo:Entire school, 1938

Entire school, 1938

Photograph supplied by Dennis Dash

Back row, from left: Gerald Abrey, Norman Plumb, Dennis Wisby, Jack Farnham, Vic Hale, Reg Carter

Second row, from left: Rodney Plumb, ?, Bernard Howell, Albert Dash, Stan Pearce

Third row, from left: Heather Paterson, Sylvia Stubbing, Millie Dash, Enid Fost, Mary Stubbing, Angela Pepper, Doreen Farnham, Joan Stubbing

Fourth row, from left: Freddie Pearce, Daphne Stubbing, Edna Beane, Jean Wing, Eric Pateman

Front row, from left: Tony Hale, Dennis Dash, Gip the dog, Roy Rumble, ?, ?, Dennis Oakman

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