James Payne of Meldreth (1797 - 1836)

Holy Trinity Church, Meldreth
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James Payne

Born 1797 in Meldreth to William and Sarah Payne nee Waller and was christened on the 7th June 1798 at the parish church.

He married on the 24th of August 1822 to Sarah Ann Scruby.

She was born in 1802 at Arlesey, Bedfordshire and was a resident of Meldreth at the time.

Marriage Record:

James Pain (x) otp married Sarah Scruby (x) otp wits: Joseph Scruby (Sarah’s Brother) and Edward Hale 

They had 6 children 2 boys and 4 girls.

James died on the 27th July 1836 aged 39 and was buried on 30th July 1836 in Meldreth at the church yard.

Sarah died of Infirmity on 31st December 1892 in Kneesworth aged 90 and buried at The Independent Church of Melbourn.

James and Sarah had the following children:

1.  Mary Ann Payne: was born on 26th October 1822 and was baptised on the 6th April 1823 at the parish Church. She died fairly young on 27th of September 1831 at Chiswick End and was buried on 1st October 1831 in the parish church yard.

2.  Emma Payne: was born in 1824 but died young on the 16th September 1831 at Chiswick End and then was buried on the 20th September in the church yard. Also a baptism for her was registered on the 10th October 1831 which was after her burial therefore it is my assumption that this was probably done at time of death and recorded later in the registers.

3.  John Payne: was born in 1827 and was christened on the 5th of February    1832 in the Holy Trinity Church. He married Susannah Aves.

In 1879 he was recorded in the Kelly’s directory as a Beer Retailer in Melbourn. He died on the 24th September 1891 from shock to the system caused by injury to the spine caused by being kicked by a horse at a farm stable in Melbourn and was buried at the Independent Chapel in the same village.

John had a property in Meldreth located at Chiswick End

4. Rachel Emma Payne was born 1830 in Meldreth.  She was christened on the 10th October 1831 at the Holy Trinity Church.

5. Mary Payne was born in 1832 at Meldreth and was christened on the 22nd of January 1843 at All Saints Church, Melbourn.

She had two children very young but was not married.

Ann Rachel Payne (1844-1929)
Eliza Agnes Payne (1847-1913)

Both Mary (1856) and Rachel (Emma) (1847) departed for the USA where they lived until their deaths.

Emma (Payne) Slocum went on to have three sons, and lived with the youngest, Wilbur, in Michigan, after her husband’s death in 1887. She died at the age of 85 on 22 February 1916.

Casbon story

6.   David Payne was born in 1836 at Meldreth and was christened on 22nd January 1843 at All Saints Church, Melbourn.

He emigrated from Melbourn to Portland, Victoria, Australia on 27th October 1854 and married Johanna Crowe on 29th September 1862 in Keilor, Victoria, Australia.  He died on 22nd October 1923 in Mount Egerton, Victoria, Australia.

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  • I have some additional information about Rachel and Mary Payne. I believe Rachel also went by the name of Emma or Emma R Payne. See my blog post at https://casbonjourney.wordpress.com/2016/11/18/from-england-to-indiana-part-8/ 

    Emma/Rachel emigrated to the United States in 1846 in the company of her maternal aunt, Emma (Scruby) Casbon. Emma was the sister of James Payne’s wife Sarah. She married the widower William Slocum in Ohio in 1865. 

    Mary Payne emigrated to the United States in 1856. I haven’t been able to trace her with certainty after that.

    I would be interested in sharing information.

    By Jon Casbon (09/12/2016)

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