High Street

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  • I love this picture and hope there are more. My grandparents were Arthur and Elsie Cooper Chapman, married Dec. 25, 1920 in Meldreth. Came to New York in 1925 with my mother Iris (age 3). My cousin from Watertown New York and his family had the pleasure of visiting Meldreth this past June. I am sure Peter’s picture must be of relatives of ours. 

    By Linda Elme Harrington (17/03/2015)
  • The original house that was demolished was situated at the rear of the Grange estate. No.1 The Grange is facing the High Street at the front of the estate. It has since been extended.

    By Ann Handscombe (11/03/2013)
  • Can anyone tell me…. Was this where No. 1 The Grange was built? No 1 was on the High Street side, just as you went into The Grange. It had a large side garden, that was sometimes used for fundraising sales.

    By Jane Arnold nee Gilbert (10/03/2013)

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