North End

Please click on any image below to view our picture gallery of North End.  The photographs are arranged in broadly chronological order, from the 1890s to 2012.

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  • There was a small pond and a pump beside the first thatched cottage on the right, past the stocks going towards North End.  My maternal grandparents, George and Eliza Forcey, lived in that cottage when they came to the village in 1940.  At that time there was a footpath around the cottage and through the orchard at the back leading to Topcliffe Mill.  Mr Adcock, who lived in Geneva House next to the stocks, used it.  He may have owned the cottage.  To the right of the cottage there was what looked like a dried up river bed, but the pond to the left of their house was separate.  Maybe someone else will recollect this.

    My grandmother organised a weekly whist club with Sarah Butler, which was always on a Monday afternoon. My grandfather did a bit of gardening and odd jobs for the Miss Morlocks.

    By Judy Murray Nee Cox (03/02/2013)

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