The Atlas and Eternit Football Teams

Eternit Football Club, formerly known as Atlas Sports, was founded in 1932.

The Atlas always had a strong football team and records show that in 1949 they were in the Cambs League Div.1A and were beating teams like Bassingbourn 8 – 0. The regular team was Roy Winter, Jeff Catley, Harry Pullen, Derek Cooper, Bob Jacobs, Doug Piggott, Keith Bullen, Jackie Woods, Claude Ellis, Mick Chapman and Dennis Cross. This team won the Foster, Junior Cups and also Divison 1 in 1949 / 50.

In 1953 the team played in the Parthenon League which was a higher grade of Football. Although the team won 7 matches it was felt that the expense of running a team in this league was too great and next season they were back in the Cambs league.  Newcomers to the team included Ken Winter (who has written his memories of the season), Tony Cooper and Tippi Woods, who was brother to Jackie and Bob Woods. Jackie and Bob Jacobs had made their names with Cambridge Town and Jackie had represented the Spartan League on many occasions. The Atlas won the Foster Cup again in 1954/55.

The Eternit Football Team went on a record breaking run beginning in 1983 when they won the Cambs League Divisions 5, 4, 3 and 2 in consecutive seasons never losing a league match. The Manager during this time was Peter Warboys and the Chairman was Robert Henry. The players included Topper Day, Andy Jones, Alan Howell, Trevor Knowles, Chris Pearl, Mervyn Hayes, Jed Knights, Tony Payne, Simon Scott, Sean Henry, Alan Hill, Chris Warboys, Andy Rogers, Paul and Simon Lewis.

Eternit Football Club Record 1948-1991
Supplied by Jean Henry
Atlas Football Team 1946-7
Atlas Football Team and Followers, 1949/50 season:
Back Row, L to R: Tom Fleet, Jim Hilldrop, Derek Cooper, Percy Harrup, Noel Golding, Claude & Ray Ellis, Bob Jacobs, Pauline Jacobs, George Pullen, Dave Chapman (Dobber).
Middle Row, L to R: Jim Littlechild, Jackie Woods’ wife, Marge Cooper, Betty Harrup, Geoff Catley, Noel Golding’s wife, Helena Ellis,_____, Gwen Holland, Joy Jacobs, Fred Farmer, Joan Chapman, Mrs Basham.
Sitting on seats, L to R : Phillip Pullen, Mck Chapman, Jackie Woods (with cup), RAF man Frankie Dowell, Den Cross.
Sitting on ground, L to R: Keith Bullen, Reg Woods (Tippy)
Linda Clarke
Atlas Football Team and Followers. 1949/50 season.
Back Row, L-R: Derek Cooper, Bert Pullen, Geoff Catley, Claude Ellis, Bob Jacobs, Harry Pullen, Noel Golding.
Next Row: L-R: Phillip Pullen, Mick Chapman, Jackie Woods, Frankie Dowell, Den Cross, Keith Bullen, Reg Woods (Tippy)
Linda Clarke
The Atlas Football Team in 19--?:
L to R: _________, Maurice Cooper, Reg Woods (Tippy), Den Cross, Claude Ellis, Jackie Woods, Graham Jarman, Tony Cooper, Derek Cooper, _______ Michael Cooper, Bob Woods.
Linda Clarke
Tha Eternit Football Team in 19--?
Malcolm Woods
Eternit Football Club
Division 5A Champions 1983/84
Back row, left to right: Robert Henry (Chairman), Paul Lewis, P Keating, Chris Worboys, S Scott, J Harper, Mervin Day (Captain), Pete Worboys (Manager)
Front row, left to right: A Jones, B Gooch, C Pearl, T Knowles, Simon Lewis, T Payne
Photograph supplied by Jean Henry
The Eternit Football Team in 1985/86:
Back row, from left to right: Robert Henry (Chairman), Shaun Henry, Pete Worboys (Manager), Andy Pearl (goalkeeper), Chris Worboys, David Cook, Paul Lewis, Andy Rogers
Front row, from left to right: Alan Howe, Richard Knights, Mervin Hares, Simon Lewis, Mervin Day, Mark Clarke
Names supplied by Robert Henry.
Malcolm Woods
The Eternit Football Team in 1989
The Eternian Company Magazine
The Players in the Eternit Veterans vs Tottenham Hotspurs Veterans in Fowlmere on April 6th 19__ (possibly 1997)
Malcolm Woods
Poster for the Charity Football Match in Fowlmere, possibly 1997
Malcolm Woods

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  • I can now confirm the year of the photographs that appear second and third on the page. They were taken in 1949/50 season when Atlas were the Cambs F.A. Junior Cup Winners. I have my father Derek Cooper’s cup with his name engraved on it, found recently along with other football medals and trophies in my parents loft.

    By Linda Clarke (26/05/2015)

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