The First Inspection

The page from the school log book giving details of the inspection
Photograph courtesy of Meldreth Primary School

Two years after the school opened, the first inspection took place.  The results were recorded in the school log book on 4th April 1912:

The school which is about two thirds full has now been open long enough to make a report desirable. 

The instruction is carefully planned, and there is every reason to think that it is having good success.  The children behave well and are by no means wanting in alertness.

The new building is cheerful and commodious, but it may be doubted whether the warming arrangements will serve for really cold weather.

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  • Lovely to have these local primary sources of Meldreth Primary School. I just  wonder what the “warming arrangements” consisted of, if anything at all?

    Also, how was the school funded in those days?  And teachers’ pay? I know married women were not allowed to teach at that time so I guess there were more male teachers than female. Also, what happened during the  Great War? Did any of the teachers join up? Were there any conscies in the village: or have they been forgotten?

    By Eleanor Fitzgerald (30/07/2014)

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