May Day, 1971

May Day was celebrated on Saturday 1 May, 1971.  According to the school log book the May Queen, Nicola Horton, arrived on a go-cart driven by Nicholas Haywood:

“Crowning of the May Queen”; Sat May 1 held in school meadow 3pm. Nicola Horton as May Queen with attendants. Quite novel with queen having a go-cart for a carriage – driven by Nicholas Haywood. About 150 attended.

The Day’s Programme

According to the programme, the Queen’s attendants were Samantha Misselbrook and Suzette Betteridge.  Michael Askew was the Mayor, and Nicholas Callaghan, George Deakin, Richard Carter, the aldermen.  Stephen Housden was the announcer and the Chairman of the council was Christopher Hopkins.  Mrs B Knight and Mrs M Bachelor were listed as dancing teachers.

The above extract from the log book, the programme and some photographs from the day can be seen below.

An extract from the school log book
Photograph courtesy of Meldreth Primary School
The May Day Programme, 1971
Photograph courtesy of Meldreth Primary School
The May Day "dignitaries".
Photograph supplied by Christopher Hopkins
The May Day "dignitaries". Nick Haywood is on the go-kart and Gerald is in the foreground in his wheelchair.
Photograph supplied by Christopher Hopkins

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  • After seeing this page I went through my old family photos and found the photograph above, which shows the ‘dignitaries’ on the stage including myself as Chairman of the Council in a rather fetching orange cape and floppy hat combo! I can remember the event quite well, as well as Nick Haywood’s go-kart, which if I remember correctly was made by his father from two scooters welded together.

    By Christopher Hopkins (22/08/2012)

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