Suicide of Thomas Worland

The following appeared in the Cambridge Chronicle on 23rd November 1872:

Meldreth Suicide.  On Wednesday C W Palmer Esq, deputy coroner, held an inquiry into the death of Thomas Worland, a dealer lodging at the Green Man.  The deceased of late had been very much depressed about his soul which, he lamented, would be “lost for ever”.  In this low state he had expressed thoughts of hanging himself, and on Tuesday he was found dead beneath an apple tree in an orchard.  There was every appearance of his having hanged himself and dropped from the tree, suspended to which was a halter.  The jury returned a verdict that deceased destroyed himself whilst in an unsound state of mind.

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  • After reading this information about the suicide of Thomas Worland, it brought back memories of my mum and dad telling me about where I was born in Meldreth. I was born in 1972 at Whitecroft Nurseries. Mum and dad often told me about the story of a man that had hung himself from a tree where we lived. I am wondering if this was the gentleman that killed himself 100 years beforehand? I live in Australia now but this site is really interesting and is very good for finding information on my birthplace.

    By katryna Dowler (30/12/2012)

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