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It was of interest to me to see the photograph of Mrs Sheldrick. I knew her when I was ten years old and doing odd jobs for Mr Sheldrick. To me she was an elegant posh lady and I was intrigued by her and how she came to be living in such a place. The farm was a filthy mess of cow muck, goose droppings, mud and run down cow sheds just a few yards from the door and brick rubble from the burnt out mill. Also Mr Sheldrick, who was kind and friendly to us, was rather different and seemed to have an uneasy relationship with her. She was always aloof and looked unhappy and even at my young age, wondered how she managed there. I would love to know more about her and of her life there.

By Ken Winter
On 30/11/2012

Your descriptions of Mr and Mrs Sheldrick are so accurate, Ken. She was a genteel lady and he was very rough and ready. Maybe gruff would be a better word. They were really very oddly matched. I'm sure there must have been a story there somewhere. I can't recollect her even having any friends. He used to sort his potatoes on a cold winter's day - the potato pit was where the entrance to the recreation ground is now.

By Judy Murray, nee Cox
On 17/03/2013