The Funeral of Mr W J Wedd

The following report appeared in the Royston Crow on 9th December 1927.

The funeral took place on Thursday in last week at the Melbourn Congregational Church and burial ground of Mr Walter James Wedd, of College Farm, Meldreth, owner of Corney Bury Park, Buntingford, and Lord of the Manor of Layston.  Mr W J Wedd, whose death took place at College Farm, Meldreth, was in his 86th year, and was well known in Herts., Cambs., and Essex, and there was a very large number at the funeral.

The service in the Congregational Church and at the grave was conducted by the Rev. J G Davis, assisted by the Rev. P Harvey (Vicar of Meldreth), and the Rev. G. Porter Chapple.  The hymns sung during the service were, “O God our help in ages past” and “Now the labourer’s task is o’er”.  Mr G Ward was the organist.

The chief mourners were Mr E P Wedd (son), Mrs Collis Palmer (daughter), Mr Theo Wedd (son), Mrs K Ward (daughter), Mr Jack Wedd (grandson), Mrs F Russell (daughter), Mr Ted Ward (grandson), Mrs P Howard (daughter), Mr James Wedd (grandson), Mrs Theo Wedd (daughter-in-law), Mr Ernest Wedd (grandson), Miss J Shelton (housekeeper), Mr Jos. Wedd (nephew), Miss E Wedd (niece), Mr C Palmer (son-in-law), Mrs Taylor (niece), Mr P Howard (son-in-law), Mrs Marshall (niece), Mr H Cooper, Mrs Grippie Williams (niece), Mr H Stockbridge, Mr C Crawte, Mr J Wedd, Miss Wedd, and Mrs Taylor (Duxford), Mr J Middlehurst, Mr Cooper Middlehurst, the employee from College Farm, Corney Bury and North Hall, and Tommy, wife and Elsie followed in the deceased’s favourite pony and trap.

There were also present, amongst many others,  Rev. H H H McNeice, Mrs Black, Miss Campkin, Miss M Stockbridge, Miss Russell, Miss M Disbrey, Miss Ward, Miss Rosa Beale, Mr and Mrs B A Palmer, Mr and Mrs F Rand and Mr Stanley Rand, Mr and Mrs W Page, Mr and Mrs B Papworth (Histon), Mr and Mrs Long (Soham), Mr and Mrs E Thompson, Mr and Mrs Cole, Mr C Stockbridge, Mr W Stockbridge, Mr H Adcock, Mr W B Mailer, Mr Hubert Hale, Mr H J Gibbs, Mr R Howard, Mr Gamble, Mr A A Howard, Mr T Coleman, Mr J Pigg, Mr E H Tongue, Mr A Kitchener, Mr A E King, Mr Slater, Mr J H Barker, Mr P T Barker, Mr G A Wootten, Mr Victor Brown (representing Lord Hampden), Mr A Prime, Mr R Webb, Mr T Savell, Mr John C Wilkerson, Mr W Wilkerson, Mr W Turney, Mr H F Pigg, Mr Scarborough Taylor, Mr Mark Hammond, Mr S Lees, Mr H C Hagger, Mr E Logsdon, Mr Blazer, Mr H J Male, and Mr W N Kimpton (Cottenham), Mr Knott, Mr P E Elbourn, Mr W T Webb, Mr Gifford Stockbridge, Mr E Mildren, Mr C Burr, Mr Frank Pigg, Mr G Palrmer, Mr Lyddiard, Mr J Lawrence, Mr T Wood, Mr W Bath, Mr Goode, Mr J Grant, Mr J W Inns, Mr A Cowell, Mr S Poole, Mr Roberts (St. Neots), Mr Russell (Godmanchester), Mr C F Harper, Mr A Huggins, Mr J Waldock, Mr Harry Medlock, Mr O Campkin, Mr R H Rowley, Mr Birkett, Mr Hamilton, Mr W Crawte, Mr James Pawsey, Mr Seymour Pawsey, Mr D M Sinclair, Mr Potts, Mr J Disbrey.

The following sent letters of regret at being unable to be present – Viscount Hampden, Mr Ellis Wilkerson, Mr Tom Manning (Northampton), Alderman Taylor (Croydon, Surrey), Mr A R Fordham, Mrs Ibbott (Bedford), Mrs Lawson (Rugby), Mr and Mrs Robert Hicks (London), Rev. W Wrigley (Sittingbourn), Mr H T Whitby Barron (Malvern), Mr and Mrs Geo. Mason (Burwell), Mrs Helen R Collins, Mr PHilip C Hurst (Southport), Mr and Mrs Woods (Hastings), Flight-Lieut. Blight, and Mr Richard Turney.

The body of the deceased was brought from Meldreth on one of the farm carts, and the interment took place in the grave where lies the body of his wife.  The grave had been lined with evergreen and bronze chrysanthemums by friends.  The bearers were employees on the estate.

The coffin was of panelled English oak, wax polised, and bore the inscription:

Walter James Wedd
Died Nov. 26th 1927,
In his 86th year.

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