Home Guard Diary of No. 19 (Meldreth) Platoon 'C' Company, 4th Cambridgeshire Battalion

Meldreth Home Guard - No19 Platoon 4th Battalion C Company Cambridgeshire Regiment
Back row, from left: ?, Don Bradley, Cecil Adams, Tom Thurley, Leslie Turner, Peter Jacklin
Middle row, from left: Ernie Dash, Edward Dash, Dennis Pepper, Leonard Pevley, Ernest Richard Wethersett, C W Dunn, ? Plumb, Eric Andrews, George Harrup
Front row, from left: Fred Russel, Leslie Pepper, Eddie Andrews, Hubert Hales, John Paterson, George Palmer, Lewis Harrup, Eric Elbourn, Sid Chamberlain
Photograph supplied by Dennis Pepper
The Home Guard in Meldreth. Leslie Pepper is on the far right.
Photograph supplied by Brian Pepper
Pages from the Home Guard Diary
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Manting House, North End, c. 1945
Photograph supplied by John Gipson
Home Guard badges which belonged to Gordon Handscombe
Photograph supplied by Ann Handscombe
The Congregational Chapel in the High Street, which was used by the Home Guard
Photograph courtesy of Meldreth WI

These entries have been taken from the Home Guard Diary written by Lieutenant J. Paterson between April 1943 and January 1945.  The diary may be viewed by clicking on the download link at the bottom of this page.


20th April

O.C.”C” Company

  1. Clothing and Equipment  Returning typed copy signed of Company Voucher No.63 dated 15.4.43 for 21 Denim suits and for chevrons
  2. Boot Repair Accounts  Sending receipted bill for 6s. 6d on a/c repair of L/Cpl C.W.Dunn (1 BR x 58-1) boots.
  3. Return of DR’s  Returning form of application “Authorised Car & Cycle Users List” filled in by Pte G.F. Handscombe (TBKXY24-4) for motorcycle BC2-670 with sidecar.
  4. Spigot Mortars  Replying that this Platoon has 1 canvas cover,  1 tool box & tools + two sledge hammers for each Sp. Mortar.
  5. Ammunition Store – G.A. Ward & Sons  Sending file copy of  contractor’s bill, certified by Mr. Paterson.
  6. Replying that defective F.A. ammos can be collected from Manting House.

22nd April 1943

Signalling.  Nil return (original reference dated 25.2.43 not found).

68 Grenades.  Replying that this Platoon has no 68 grenades till the issue on 6.4.43.

L.M. Gun Magazines, Wood Carriers.  Nil return (unless two containers to hold 6 each,  not suitable for carrying armaments).

Clothing & Equipment.  Asking for armbands for 2 cadets.

23rd April 1943

Eye Shields.  Replying that 60 e.s. and also other items asked for in memorandum dated 11.4.43 not received.

24th April 1943

Elephant Shelters.  Replying that no bolt holes are left open.

25th April 1943

Clothing & Equipment.   Asking for field-service cap, size 7 1/4 for Pte. W.C. Pepper (TBKX 31-4)

26th April 1943

Embossing Stamp.   Advising return of e.s.

G.H.Q. Travelling Wing;  Street Fighters.  Replying that Sgt. H. Hale (TBKX 50-1) is nominated for this course 22nd-23rd May

28th April 1943

Administrative Exercise.  Reporting that  JGR Jones (RQAA 261-5) is the only man in No.19 Platoon entitled to the £5 on mustering.

Boot Repair Accounts.  Receipted bill for -/17s for repair of TWJ Wing (TBKX 9-1)’s boots for payment.

Lewis Gun Magazines.  Reporting that :

i) 17 (& not 18) of 97 rounds and
ii) nil of 47 rounds are on charge to No.19 Platoon.

29th April 1943

Battalion  H.Q.  Mil. Identity Card of  Lieut.  J. Paterson ack’t. card.

O.C.”C” Company.
Enrolments (Cadets).
A.F. W3066 and A Form for Cadet Newell, R (TBKX100-5) and Cadet
Hunt C. (TBKW 62-9) sent.  Supply of great coats and armbands requested.

3rd May 1943

Ceremonial Parade.  Replying that this Platoon can send one officer, one Sgt. + 16 O.R. to parade at Cambridge on Sunday, 16th May.

9th May 1943

Boot Repair Accounts.  Signed receipt of L/Cpl Dunn, C.W. (TBKX 58-1) for 6s 6d sent.

Administrative Exercise.  Platoon H.Q. log with Form C (Subsistence Allowance claim) and 5 bills for food and fuel sent.

10th May 1943

Grenades.  Nil return of No.68 grenades of Lot 179 filed CY 19th March 1942.

Works Manager, Engineering Laboratory, Cambridge.
Acknowledging his request that Pte.G.N. Newell (TBKX 100)may  be excused from Sunday morning parades for 4 weeks from 3rd May.

O.C.”C” Company Receipt for Clothing & Equipment.
Returning Company Voucher No.82 (Our receipts voucher no.)

Claim for Subsistence Allowance form returned.

Attendance Roll for 4 weeks ending 24.4.43

14th May 1943

Lewis Gun Practice, Barton Road Range, Wed. 26th May at 18.00 hours.  Replying that no men available at the hour fixed.

Training Accommodation.  Claim for £2. 10s on account of rent, heating and cleaning of Congregational school at 12s 6d a week.

18th May 1943

Transfer of Motor Drivers.  Sending Pte. (RQAA 261-5) J.G.R. Jones, receipt for Clothing and Equipment in A.F.H1158 original signed and returning copy previously sent, now brought up to date.

i)  Lewis Gun Practice – replying that 3 men can be sent in motor car to Barton Road Range on 26.5.43 to arrive 19.45 hrs if petrol coupon is provided.

ii) Company Scheme.  Sunday 23rd May at Heydon Grange Farm, replying that a Battle Squad can be sent and will be ready in Meldreth at 9.15.  No reply about hire of transportation can be made.

iii)  Act. CHQ.H.G. “G” Act. Q707/14 asking for railway warrant for TBKX 50-1 Sgt. A.B. Hale in acc. with this instruction.

25th May 1943

i)  Proficiency Tests. Suggesting Sunday 13th June at Melbourn for prof. test for this group of platoons & asking whether names (or  only numbers of men) are needed.

ii)  Summer Training Programme – Weekend Camps.           Reporting no NCO available 29/30 May.

28th May 1943

i) Barton Road Range.  Zeroing of rifles, 6th June.  No men available.

ii) Defective Stengun Ammunition. 9mm pistola automatica          Parabellum.  Nil return.

iii) 30 Yard Ranges for .300 firing.  Returning Cam pit M.R.           836657 as inspected and passed.

30th May 1943

Claim for Subsistence Allowance for 7 ½ hours, 1/6d each for 11 men.  Company training Heydon Grange on 23.5.1943.

2nd June 1943

Requisitioning of Buildings, etc. on Real Action Stations

a) b’dgs to form or keep: nil
(b) buildings to be loop holed near road blocks: nil
(c) other buildings – Manting House & yard & ammuns. Store.  Map ref. 827658.

4th June 1943

i) Zeroing of Rifles.  Replying that all have been z’d but not all by present holders.

ii) Sten Guns.  Asking whether we may use amms. for testing or can draw more for this purpose and how many rounds per gun.

4th/5th June 1943

Major P.C D. Mundy.  Giving O.C. Platoons opinion about further postponement of Proficiency Tests beyond 4th July and promising he will consult Messrs Geo. Davis and Kitchener next week.

i)  Weekend Camp 12th/13th June for Officers.  Reporting that O.C. Pl. will attend.

ii) First Aid & Stretcher Bearer Course, Haslingfield, 20th June.    Replying that Cpl. L.A.V. Harrup and 1 private will attend and       asking for transport to be arranged.

7th June 1943

Certificate of continual possession of Mil. Identity Card by O.C. Platoon.

5th June 1943

Use of Barton Road Range on Weekdays.  Reporting no men available in early evening and asking whether the ammunition can be issued for use on Platoons range.

9th June 1943

i) Proficiency Test.  Further reply (see 4/5 June) that Foxton and Atlas expect to have 10 men each ready for tests by 4th July.

ii) Guides.  Confirming names of 2 guides, Pte’s D.E. Pepper (TBKZ136-3) and J.G. Gipson (TBKX 115-7)

iii) Promotion.  Giving O.C. Platoon’s opinion that A/Cpl. E.J. Elbourn (TBKX187-3) should be confirmed.

P.C.D. Mundy, O.C. “C” Company. (Confidential) Intelligence Signals and Guides.

9th/10th June 1943

Administrative Exercise – Subsistence Claims.   Returning receipted bills (6).

10th June 1943

H.G. Training – Holkham Camp – June 14/21st.  Reporting no one available.

Summer Training Programme – Spigot Mortar Practice. Haslingfield, Sunday 27th June.  Asking that 10 places may be allotted to No.19 Platoon.

Lewis Gun Practice, Barton Road Range Wednesday 30th June.  Reporting that no men will be available.

11th June 1943

Bombing Practice.  Reporting that men who still require practice are:
a) Live Grenade Throwing
i) men fit to throw, 17
ii) men requiring further training before being considered fit, 11

b)  E.Y. Rifle
i) men fit to throw, 3
ii) men requiring further practice before being considered fit, 0

c)  Northover
i) fit to throw, 5
ii) requiring further practice before being considered fit, 0.

13th June 1943

Gas Course, Thriplow Camp   Reporting that L/Cpl. C.W. Dunn (TBKX 58-1) will attend.

14th June 1943

Transfers.  Pte G.F. Handscombe (TBKX 124-4). Sending 1 copy of AF.H1158 showing clothing, etc. taken with him to Gen. Serv. Corps w.e. for 14th June 1943.

Works Manager Eng. Laboratory, Cambs. Pte. G.N. Newell, further exemption from Sunday parades.

Informing him of 2 periods during which O.C. Platoon will be absent from Meldreth, and asking for petrol coupons for attending camps and visiting platoons.

27th June 1943

Proficiency Tests.  Reporting names and spec. subjects of 6 candidates selected to appear for tests at Melbourn Old Chapel on 4th July.

Boot Repair Accounts. Returning receipt form signed by Pte. W. Wing.

Transfers.  Pte. A.C. Jude (TBK762701), sending one copy A.F.H1158 for transfer to Gen. Serv. Corps, Carlisle, w.e. for Tues. 29.6.1943.

2nd July 1943

Subsistence Allowance.  Claim form with attestation of witness (Sgt. A.B. Hales) payment to 11 men of 1/6d each for exercises at Heydon Grange on 23rd May 1943 – returned.

5th & 6th July 1943

  1. Summer Training Programme – Exercise 4th July 1943 for Signals, Intelligence and Guides – Copy of HQ Log and carbon copies of messages sent.
  2. Training Accommodation Claim for 2/6 a week for rent, heating and cleaning Congregational School 4 weeks, 18th June to 15th July 1943.
  3. Summer Training Programme, Weekend Camp for Officers, 10/11th July.  Reporting that Lieut J. Paterson will attend.

9th July 1943

Summer Training Programme – Grenade Throwing at Battalion Bombing Range. “C”  Company, Sun. 18th July.  Reporting that 8 men will be sent from No.19 Platoon.

“G” Licences for motor cars and motorcycles.  Application sent for “G” licence for Sgt. Palmer’s car.

13th July 1943

Publications.  Asking for one copy H.G. Instruction No.56 “Summer Training 1943”.

16th July 1943

“F” Travelling Wing.  U.S.T.C. Range, Cambridge, 10th-15th August.  No men available.  Nil replies to queries.

24th July 1943

Adj. Battn. H.Q.  Typed slip acknowledging receipt of (new) Military Identity Card No.M622248 –(sheet A.F. B2606)

25th July 1943

Manager, Ministry of Labour & National Service, Employment Exchange, The Carpenter’s Hall, Victoria Street, Cambridge.

Enrolment in the Home Guard. Reply confirming (as requested) that Harry Jude (DQGZ 135-3) is serving in the Home Guard.

C.O.”C” Company.

  1. Faulty Ammunition – Defective Grenades.  68 held by this Platoon.  Nil return.
  2. Faulty Sten Carbines.  Reporting that this Platoon holds 9 mm Sten machine carbines Mark 1 N4043 – and that the remaining 10 Sten guns held are all Mark 1 with Nos greater than N35602.

29th July 1943

  1. Ammunition expended. Asking for replacement of S.A.A.300-200 rounds, .22-200 rounds.  Also Sten 275 rounds.
  2. Petrol Coupons.  Asking for supply for various journeys this month.

2nd August 1943

Proficiency Badges.  Asking for 4 red cloth bars.

Discharges. F. Brewer (TBKX 204-3) Pointing out that this man notified as “untraceable” in Battn. Orders. Pt. II No.36 dated 28.7.43 has been notified in Bn.O.A. II No.24 dated 30.6.43 as discharged “to Royal Navy”

6th August 1943

Training Accommodation.  Claim for 12s.6d a week for 2 periods of 4 weeks, 23rd April to 17th June 1943.  (Claim for period 18th June to 15th July already made with 5/6 July above.)

7th August 1943

Informing Company that O.C. Platoon will be absent from Meldreth, a.m. Monday 9th August till Saturday 14th Aug.

10th August 1943

Expended No.36 Grenades.  Replying that 6 boxes of 12 were delivered to O. in Charge of range at Lt. Eversden on 18th July.

17th August 1943

Petrol Coupons for August asked for.

19th August 1943

“G” Licences and Authorised Car Users’ List.  Returning “G” Licence for Sgt. GCW Palmer’s car No. BCE53 and asking for enrolment in Authorised Car Users’ List instead.

23rd August 1943

O.C. No.18 Z Platoon (Shepreth).  Calling out of H.G.    Asking him to say whether he can arrange for calling out Pte.E.R. Wethersett.

O.C. No.23 Z Platoon  “D” Company (Whaddon).  Calling out of H.G.  him to say whether he can arrange for calling out of Pte W.C. Pepper.

26th August 1943

O.C. “C” Company Training Accommodation.  Sending claim form for £2.10s for 4 weeks 16.7. to 12.8.43 and asking him again to ask 7AA not to make cheques payable to Mr. A. A. Howard.

31st August 1943

Autumn Training Course – Cadre Course.  Reporting that Sgt. H.B. Hale (TBKX 50-1) will attend as near the full course as possible and that O.C. Platoon hopes to attend some of the evening sessions.

1st/2nd September 1943

“G” Licence and Authorised Car Users’ List.  Returning application form with Sgt. G.C.W. Palmer’s signature.

2nd September 1943

Training Films.  Thursday 23rd Sept. at Comberton Village Institute, Officers and Senior N.C.O’s attending. Nil return.

First Aid Examination.  Reporting that two badges are required for Cpl. L.A.V. Harrup and Pte. S.E. Chamberlain.

Mil. Identity Cards.  Postcard certifying continued possession.

9th September 1943

G.H.Q.H.G. School.  Course for Junior Leaders.  Reporting no candidates for the vacancy.

Return of Sten Carbines.  Mark I – reporting that 11 carbines with slings were delivered to R.Q.M.  Sgt. Wedd on 9/9/43.

13th September 1943

Pte. W.C. Pepper, “The Queen Adelaide”.  Arrangements for Calling Out the H.G.

Informing him that in the event of airborne enemy raids he will be called out by the same messenger as men of No.232 Platoon “D” Company living near.

Attendance at Parade.  Informing him that training recommenced on Sunday 12th August and that he is expected to attend at least on Sunday.

14th September 1943

O.C.”C” Company.  Reporting that O.C. Platoon will be away from Meldreth Monday 20th to Saturday 25th September.

16th September 1943

Boot Repair Accounts.  Sending receipted bill for 7sh. for Cpl. E.J. Elbourn’s boots.  Pte. N.H. Gipson (The British Queen), informing him that his letter to O.C. Coy was returned to O.C. Platoon and that O.C. Platoon should be addressed in the first instance.

Mr. Jonah Howard, Boot & Shoe Store, Melbourn.   Sending him Form R.C. (Repairer’s Certificate) for Oct., Nov. & Dec. to enable him to obtain materials.

22nd September 1943

National Service Officer, Labour Exchange, Royston Sending statements in prescribed form that Jacklin, Ernest and Cross, Walter, did not present themselves for enrolment as directed on Sunday, 19th Sept.

O.C. “C” Coy. Compulsory Enrolments.  Reporting about Jacklin, E & Cross W. as above.

26th September 1943

Transfers.  Sending one copy of form for Transfer of Clothing & Equipment, for transfer of Pte. Fost, K.R. (TBKX153-3).  Nil taken with him.

Quarterly Return of Clothing Equipment & Ammunition.

28th September 1943

Re. Pte. N. H. Gipson.  His application to be excused from parades.

30th September 1943

Compulsory Enrolments.  Sending Army Form W3066 and Enrolment Card for Dash (alias Jacklin), Ernest (TBKX 26-1)

National Service Officer, Ministry of Labour & National Service, Labour Exchange, Royston.  Compulsory Enrolments in the Home Guard.  Bringing to his notice of men as suitable for enrolment with no apparent reason why they should not be enrolled.  (D. Marr, M. Willmot, T. Chamberlain, L. Salmon, S. Pepper, K.H. Jacklin, Edw. Plumb.

Clothing & Equipment.  Asking for articles required for Pte. Ernest Jacklin (=Dash) and for new boots for Pte. H. Jude.

1st October 1943

Battln.  Postcard ack. Possessions of Military Identity Card by Lieut. J. Paterson.

5th October 1943

O.C. “C” Company Exercise on Sunday 10th October 1943.  Reporting plan of exercise for Nos. 18Z, 19 & 20 Platoons.

7th October 1943

Boot Repair Accounts.  Typed form with signatures of O.C. Platoon. & Cpl .E.T. Elbourn (TBKX187-3) acknowledging receipt of P.O. for 7 shillings for repair of boots.

8th October 1943

Pte. N.H. Gipson: Attendance at Parades.  Copy of C.O.’s letter dated 5th October 1943 to C.O. “C” Company with reference to his application to be relieved from parades.  Pte. J.G. Stubbing –  copy of C.O.’s letter dated 5th Oct. 1943 for information.  Geo. Adams, ditto.

O.C.”C” Company.  Clothing and Equipment.  Replying that battledress of size nearest to E. Jacklin’s  measurements can be altered locally to fit him.

Telephones.  Reporting that O.C. Platoon’s house “Firlee”, High St. Meldreth, now has telephone connection, Melbourn 321.

9th October 1943

O.C.”C” Company.

1. Enrolment Form A.   Reporting re. ref. to Battalions orders No.  dated 5th October 1943 on Brewer F (TBKX 31-4), Pepper W.C. (TBKX 204-3) and “Daines, D.J.” and sending new form A for Pepper W.C’s enrolment (copy of original).

2. Spigot Motor Firing.  On Sunday, 17th October 1943 near Strip Lynchets, west of Heydon Bury.  Reporting that this platoon can send 6 men for first party at 10.00 and 8 men for second party at 13.30.

12th October 1943

Transfers.  Sending one copy of form for Transfers of Clothing & Equipment for Pte. C.E. Harper (TBKX 208-3), transferred to Royal Navy, 14th October 1943 – taking nil.

14th October 1943

Copy of Attendance Roll for 4 weeks ending 9th October 1943.

16th October 1943

Surplus Clothing Equipment.  Reporting Pte. C.F. Harper’s clothing & equipment and some other articles are surplus.

18th October 1943

  1. Appointment of Platoon Medical Orderly Corporals.  Reporting that Cpl. LAV Harrup (TBKX62-1) has passed St. John’s Ambulance exams and that it is not proposed to appoint another Cpl.
  2. Medical Organisation.  Reporting names of men ear-marked for stretcher bearers duties;  2 passed test, 1 trained & 1 part trained.
  3. 48 Hour Packs.  Reporting 5 tins undamaged.

27th October 1943

Arms Roll.  Reporting Nos. of 11 Sten Carbines and names of persons to whom they were issued.

28th October 1943

Clothing & Equipment.  Reporting that Pte. H. Jude should be supplied with new boots free.  Reporting Battle Dress trousers, size 12 supplied for Pte. E. Jacklin (TBKX26-10) are moth-eaten and asking for replacement by a pair size 9.  Also his field and service cap, 7 ¼ size supplied, size 7 wanted.  Also great coat supplied is surplus.

Clothing, Equipment and Stores.  Replies to disagreement statement – Sept. quarter return.

6th November 1943

Subsistence Allowance Claims.  For 9 men for 6 ½ hours on 19th September, wiring Bourn aerodrome.  Forwarding claim for £5 on a/c.

Training Accommodation.  For 8 weeks 13th Aug. to 8th October.

7th November 1943

Reporting that O.C. Platoon will be away from Meldreth Thurs. 11 Nov a.m. till Sat. 13th Nov. evening.

Hours of Attendance – tabular statement for 4 weeks ending 6th November.

18th November 1943

Asking for 1 copy of Battalion Group photograph.

19th November 1943

Lieut. Jopling, “Ivanhoe”, Hauxton, confirming his lecture on Bombs at Meldreth – Congregational School on Friday 26th November at 20.00 hrs.

O.C. No.18Z Platoon (Shepreth).  Inviting members of his platoon to attend Lt. Joplings lecture (as above).

21st November 1943

Revolvers and Pistols.  Reporting possession of 1 revolver only (privately owned) and 25 rounds of ammo. (not issued).

Training.  Reporting times and places of parades (till New Year).  Reporting that this Platoon has carried out Battle Practice as a unit.

Winter Training Programme.  Recruit Training.  Reporting that the number of recruits (and men put back for further training) who should parade at Coy. Centres is 6 approx.

Training and Proficiency Tests.  Reporting names and nos. of 17 men to enter for examinations.

Winter Training Programme – Confidential.   Non attendance on parades, reporting on 7 men.

Capt. F.E. Newman – Officers Conference and Dinner – 18th December 1943
Replying that Lieu. J. Paterson will attend.

22nd November 1943

Stationery – Forms.  Asking for 50 copies of A.F. H1158 (Receipt for Clothing & Equipment).  Clothing & Equipment –  Reporting that articles now required.

25th November 1943

Clothing and Equipment.  Asking for size 11 Greatcoat for Pte. G.N. Newell (TBKX 100-4).

27th November 1943

Charts of Fuses, etc for Spigot Mortar.   Asking for loan of them.

28th November 1943

Reminders.  Saying that return of Clothing and Equipment required was sent in memo. dated 25th November (posted herewith).  Reporting no N.C.O’s  detailed to revision course.

29th November 1943

Subsistence Allowance. For 9 men for wiring Bourn Aerodrome on Sunday, 19th September 1943 at 1/6d  each returned attestation of witness (W. Dunn) of payment.

3/4th December 1943

O.C. 4th Cambs. Battn.  Military Identity Card.  Certificate of Lieut.J. Paterson of continued possession of AF.B2606.

O.C.”C” Company.  Training Accommodation a/c. Hours of Attendance. Tabular Statement for 4 weeks ending Sat. 4th December 1943.

9th December 1943

Battallion Group Photograph.  Sending Postal Order for 4 shillings, price of 1 copy received by O.C. Platoon.

10th December 1943

Pte.T. G. Stubbing.  Replying to his letter of 10/11/43 declining more interviews out of parade hours.

13th December 1943

Attendances – Pte. A.E.W. Webb.  Forwarding letter from Pte. Webb in reply to O.C. Coy., and recommending that Pte. Webb’s excuse be accepted.

20th December 1943

Attendance.  Re. J.G. Gipson (TBKX 115-7) that some Sunday parades should be insisted on.

21st December 1943

The Chairman, Appeal Committee, National Service Manpower Board.  Re. Pepper L.S. (TBBH 97-2)  Suggesting that he be directed to work in this district.

23rd December 1943

Attendances.  Returning Pte. J.G. Gipson’s letter to O.C. Coy omitted inadvertently in sending reply (above).

Quarterly Return of Clothing & Equipment on Charge for quarter ending 25th December 1943.

Sten Ammunition. Nil return of sten ammn.  Stamped DIL on base of cartridges.

24th December 1943

Compulsory  Enrolments. Asking about result of medical examination of D.B. Dash (TBKX 46-1) enrolled on 27.9.42.

30th December 1943

L/Cpl. E.A.Andrews   Replying that he was appointed to be L/Cpl. w.e. for 16.2.43 and referring to Bn. Orders Pt.II No.757 dated 17.3.43.


6th January 1944

Reporting that O.C. Pl.  will be absent from Meldreth Mon. 10th Jan to Thurs. 13th Jan p.m.

S.M. Practice & Drill. Bombs.  Reporting numbers in possession of No.19 Platoon.

Sten Carbine Ammunition.  Replying that extra amount required on scale 128 rounds per combine is 898 rounds.  Asking also for further supply for  ?

C.J. Hunt (TBKW62.9).  Enrolled as boy messenger on 29.4.43.  Requesting that transfer of his greatcoat from this Pl. to Melbourn be arranged in Coy. books.

9th January 1944

Boot Repair Accounts. Sending for payment voucher for 5s.4d for (TBKX 56-1) Pte. L.S. Turner’s boots.

14th January 1944

C.O’s Inspection 23rd January 1944.  Reporting place of Pl. parade.

Despatch Riders.  Reporting none available for “G” or authorized list.

22nd January 1944

Film “Battle of Britain” at Papworth Everard at 10.30 hrs. on Sunday 27th February.  Estimated number of men requiring transport – 20.

23rd January 1944

Spigot Motar. Reporting articles wanted for this Platoon.  Informing him that O.C. Platoon will be absent from Meldreth.

27th January 1944

Proficiency Tests.  Sending names and subjects (alternatives) of 5 men to attend at Melbourn on Sunday 6th February, F.C. Adams, Dunn, E.A. Andrews, V. E. Henderson & H. Jude.

29th January 1944

Women Helpers in H.G. Offices.  Reporting particulars of Mrs. Ethel Annie Andrews (TBKX 146-2).

Boot Repair Accounts.  Receipt for two 5s.4d signed by L.S. Turner (TBKX 56-1) returned with enforcement on forwarding money in orig.

1st February 1944

Medical Appointments & Training.  Giving reasons against appointing a Cpl. For medical duties (Pte. S.R. Chamberlain needed at Lewis gunman.

2nd February 1944

C/2 Lieut. Ogden (Melbourn).  Enrolment of Boys for Duty With Home Guard. Asking him to arrange for another lad to be installed in place of C. Hunt who has now joined the H.G. (Melbourn).

3rd February 1944

Ammunition.  Asking for ballistite grenade rifle cartridges for Capt. Jopling’s visit and for ‘operational’ stores.

Clothing.  Cancelling out memo dated 6th January 1944 because a greatcoat was not issued to C.J. Hunt (cadet) as boy messenger.

8th February 1944

Medical Organisation.  Further reasons for not appointing a young active man as Medical Orderly.  H.G. casualty station not required in Meldreth.

9th February 1944

Check of Clothing Equipment and all Stores of Personal Issue.  Sending tabula statement as at 3rd Feb. 1944.

13th February 1944

‘Physical’ Check of Clothing and Equipment. Replying that its return to 25th Dec. 1943 was the quarterly return of Clothing & Equipment on charge and that the result of the ‘physical’ check was sent on 9th Feb.

Anti-Aircraft Training. Reporting that Sgt. H.B. Hale will go to Tempsford on 27th Feb.

Proficiency Test 20th Feb.  Sending roll of 10 men to appear and saying that those who failed on 6th Feb. will appear again for subjects in which they failed.

Ammunition etc.  Reporting that we have recorded 20 rounds R. grenades, 30 anti-ballistic cartridges and want a supply of gas checks.

15th February 1944

Compulsory Recruitment.  Sending list of men considered suitable and asking him to forward the list to Batt. for N.S. Officer, Royston.

23rd February 1944

Ammunition. Explaining that the gas checks asked for are the plates that screw into the base plug of No.36 grenades to fire from a cup discharger.

Temporary Attachment. Cpl. L.S. Pepper (TBBH 97-2) to revert to private at his own request while transferred to Toddington, Beds., where he will have acting rank as Cpl. in “A” Company, 6th Bedfordshire Home Guard.

Promotion. L/Cpl. E.A. Andrews (TBKX 146-3) to be acting Cpl., L.S. Pepper and Pte. G.A. Harrup (IBKX 79-1) to be Lance Cpl.

29th February 1944

Recruits.  Practice Grouping and Application, Barton Road Range, 5th March 1944. Replying that men in these categories described are unable to attend on Sundays to go to Barton Range.  Therefore no men to be sent on 5th March.

2nd March 1944

Clothing and Equipment.  Sending receipt for 1 F.S. cap received on 10.2.1944 by O.C. Platoon from O.C. Coy. for G.A. Harrup.

Boot Repair Accounts. Sending for payment and receipt bill for 7 shillings on a/c of repairs of Sgt. C.W. Palmer’s boots.

Reversion.  (TBBH 07-2)  Cpl. L.S. Pepper – sending his letter dated 1.3.1944 asking to revert.

4th March 1944

Boot Repair Accounts.  Sending for payment & receipted bill for 7 shillings on a/c of repair of Sgt. G.C.W. Palmer’s boots (TBKX 171-4)

Reversion. TBBH 97-2) Cpl. L.S. Pepper – sending his letter dated 1.3.44 asking to revert.

7th March 1944

1870238 AC II, Dash C. Sending certificate of his service in the Home Guard.

9th March  1944

Attendance Roll for 4 weeks ending 26th Feb. 1944 and that O.C. Pl. hopes to discuss the case of Pte. Stubbing with O.C. Coy personally.

Proficiency Tests that we shall have another batch of men ready about mid-April and that it is understood that Lieu. Elbourn will have men ready about that date.

21st March 1944

.22 Bore Rifle.  Asking for telescopic sight to be returned.

Boot Repair Accounts.  Receipt signed by Sgt. G.C.W. Palmer (TBKX 171-1) for 7 shillings returned.

Quarterly Return of Clothing Equipment, Arms & Stores to 25th March 1944.  (Signed by O.C. Pl. on 21.3.44 and sent without covering letter.

22nd March 1944

Tear Gas Capsules.  Reporting that these are required for testing A/G respiration in a hut of approx. 1971 c.ft. content (13.5’ x 16’ x9.125’) 43 men on 3 or 4 occasions.

23rd March 1944

Transport for Company  Reserve Mobile Platoon.  Particulars of vehicles for requisitioning.

Clothing & Equipment, etc.  Asking for a further supply of 4” x 2” flannelette for cleaning rifles.

26th March 1944

Sten Carbines.  Asking for 2 more Sten Carbines & 8 magazines.

29th March 1944

Women Helpers in the Home Guard.  Reporting name, age etc., of Miss Gwendoline Margaret Adcock (TBKX 121-3) as the 3rd woman assistant.

Reporting that O.C. Pl. will be absent from Meldreth from Monday 3rd April till Thurs. 6th April 1944.

2nd April 1944

Manager Employment Office, Ministry of L & N.S., Royston, Herts.   Giving correct address of Edward Plumb (21 Council Houses, Kneesworth Rd., Meldreth) saying this Pl. is urgently in need of recruits and bringing to notice as suitable for enrolment;  D. Marr, Thos. Chamberlain, …Deflar & M. Wilmot.

Transport for Company Mobile Platoon in Exercises.  Reporting 3 ton lorry & motor cars reported in our memo dated 23.3.44 will be available 15/16 April provided hiring is arranged for the lorry and petrol coupons for the cars.

3rd April 1944

Clothing & Equipment.  Asking for 2 web pouches, larger size (to hold Sten magazines) in place of 2 smaller sizes.

Undated O.C.A.D. Claims, Royston House, Royston, Herts.  Site for Demolition Charges, Meldreth.   Reporting no demolition explosions used in the Cam Pit since 20.12.43 – the damage was therefore done before that date and presumably by the unit to whom the site was allotted.

8th April 1944

Transport for Mobile Platoon.  The decision that cars will be taken over as W.D. vehicles and will not be driven by civilians makes no difference to our arrangements.  Our own men (H.G.) counted on to drive the selected cars.

16th April 1944

Log of Pl. H.Q. for Exercise “Flap” with Casualty detailed return.

17th/18th April 1944

O.C. No.182 Platoon, Shepreth. Calling out arrangements that Pte. E.R. Wethersett was not called out for Exercise Flap on 15th April and asking that he may be put on call out list.

Subsistence Allowance Claims for 33 members at 3 pence for 9 hours (57 ? 8 hrs) £4, 10s. 0d.

Exercise “Flap”.
General criticisms
1) not enough information from other platoons
2) messages from Coy. to Platoon too elaborate with code signs and priorities.

23rd April 1944

Battalion Parade – Sunday 4th June 1944 at 16.00 hrs. at ? Haslingfield.  Replying that the approximate number of Pl. men from No.19 Pl. attending is 20. (Delivered by O.C. Pl. personally).

Major Lethbridge O.C. “B” Company (Director of Exercise).
Exercise “Flap” at Kneesworth on 22/23 April. L. of Umpires (Lt. J. Paterson & L/Cpl. C.W. Dunn)

28th April 1944

Battalion Exercise “Parmac ”, 13/14th May, Umpires from “C” and “D” companies.  Agreeing that L/Cpl. Dunn shall accompany O.C. Pl. to Harston instead of going to Haslingfield.

29th April 1944

Boot Repair Accounts. Sending for payment and receipted bill for 7 shillings for repairing Pte. C. Adams (TBKX 99-1) boots.

30th April 1944

Reporting that O.C. Platoon will be absent from Meldreth 1st to 3rd May (Wed.)

BartonRoad Range– Recruits Firing.  Reporting NO recruits can go on 7th May and unlikely that any available 28th May.

Grenade Throwing.  Replying that 4-6 men will be ready for throwing live grenades on 21st May but these men awkward to get and transport difficult.

5th May 1944

S.I.P. Drill Grenades.  Replying that this Pl. has 3 rubber models (printed red) of Northover projectile.

7th May 1944

“G” Licences for Motor Cars. Sending application with registration book of Standard 9 h.p. car UU2492, driver ordinarily Pte. L.S. Turner.

Copy of Attendance Roll for 4 weeks ending 22nd April.

12th May 1944

Subsistence Allowance Form A.  Returned with certificate of payment, 33 men at 3 shillings each for Exercise Flap 15/16th April 1944.  Receipt for 4th Cambs. Battn. G.

Location & Telephone List.  (Appendix ‘G’ to Operation Instruction 1944) new addition.  Corriquendum to Location – Telephone List.

4th Cambs. Battn. H.G.  Postcard acknowt. of Military Identification Card.

18th May 1944

Northover Projectors.  Replying that the N.P. will be kept ready for collection at Battle H.Q. (Manting House).

22nd/23rd May 1944

Battalion Parade on 4th June.  Replying that approx. 24 men may be expected from this platoon requiring transport.

Attendance Roll for 4 weeks ending 20th May.

“G” Licences.  Receipt for 5.  No.B.807006 signed by C.W. Dunn in form returned

1st June 1944

“G” Licences.  Asking for return of Registration Book of car no. UU 2492 (Lt.Cpl. Dunn and for 3 copies of  A3676

Boot Repair Accounts.  Returning receipt for 7 shillings signed by Pte. C.A. Adams (TBKX 49-1) dated 31.4.44 re (RQAA 261-5) Pte J.G.R. Jones.  Replying that after his transfer to 2007 MT Coy he was ‘attached back’ for training.

8th/10th June 1944

Service Chevrons.  Replying that no more are required.

Transport – Mobile Platoon.  Replying – no obligation to Mr. F.J. Course’s motor car being exempted from requisition and that another car will be arranged for and reported.

Transport.  Asking for sanction from Batt. H.Q. for hire of P.A. Ward’s lorry to take guard to Lingry Fen bridge on 17/18th June.

Post Card certifying possession of Mil. Identity Card (AF B2606).

12th June 1944

Arms Roll as at 28th May 1944 in form supplied.

Boot Repair Account.  Sending receipted bill for 7 shillings for Pte. L.G. Pevley’s boots.

14th June 1944

Ammunition.  Sending tabular statement of ammos.  In possession of Pl. compounds with prescribed scales and asking whether deficiencies will be supplied.

17th June 1944

Ammunition.  Reporting that O.C. Platoon will be absent form Meldreth 20th June at a.m. to 24th June p.m.

19th June 1944

Clothing and Equipment.  Asking for 6 pull-through cords to replace broken cords.

23rd June 1944

Zeroing of Rifles – Barton Road Range, Sunday 25th June 14.40 hrs. Replying no men will go.

25th June 1944

Stationery & Form.  Asking for another copy of A.B.527 Register of Hours of Attendance.

Clothing & Equipment.  Asking for 13 pairs leather bootlaces.

Attendance Roll for 4 weeks ending 17th June 1944.

Ammunition.  Asking for replacement of Sten 9mm 260 r’nds Rifle .300 for rifles 520 r’nds and .300 for Lewis MG 400 r’nds.

29th/30th June 1944

Home Guard Regulations.  Asking for Amendments Nos. 2 + 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 + any after 14 to Vol ‘I’ and for a copy of Vol. II with Amendments.

Transfers.   Pte J.G. Gipson (TBKX 115-7) to Cavalry Barracks, Redford, Edinburgh to General Service Corps, 29.6.44.  Sending copy of AFH 1158.

Training Accommodation Accounts.  Claim for £8. 2s. 6d, rent, heating, lighting, cleaning & repairs of Congregational School at 12/6d a week for the quarter ending 24th June 1944.

4th July 1944

“G” Licences for Motor Cars.  Forwarding application of L/Cpl. C.W. Dunn for return of Registration Book and sending back the “G” licence and asking for inclusion in List of Licensed Car Users.

8th July 1944

Proficiency Tests.  Replying that about 5 men will be ready early in August.

Battallion H.Q. Military Identity Card.

14th July 1944

Ammunition – Spigot Mortar.  Reporting 20 A/T bombs received without delivery note and box of fuses containing only 18 fuses and asking for 2 more.

17th July 1944

Barton RoadRifle Range.  Snap Shooting – 23rd July 1944 at 09.00 hrs.  Nil return of men to be sent.  Reporting that O.C. Platoon will be absent from Meldreth from Tues. 18th a.m. to Sat. 22nd July p.m.

18th July 1944

Transfers. Asking that transfer to this Platoon of Pte. Frank Johnson may be notified in Part II orders and a copy of AF H1138 may be got from his previous unit.

20th July 1944

Caps, Musket & Charges. Propellant for Northover Projector – replying that they can be collected from Manting House at any time in daylight.

Boot Repair Accounts.  Returning receipt of Pte L.G. Pevley (YTBK 188070) for 7 shillings.

25th July 1944

Expended Ammunition.  Asking for replacement of .300 .303 9mm (Sten) .303 ballistic & Spigot Motor practice bombs, sand filled & cement filled + tails & charges.

29th July 1944

Transfers – Pte. Frank Johnson (DAOE 227-6) from 16th Battn, Essex H.G. “A” Company, Leigh-on-sea.  Returning “A” Card.

Re. R.S. Martin (SOCL 27-6) c/o Mrs. Kelly, High Street, Meldreth.  Replying that he is Med. Grade III and a long distance lorry driver, not previously in H.G.

31st July 1944

Surplus Clothing, etc.  Reporting only  1 f.s. cap (not new) surplus.

6th August 1944

Compulsory Enrolment.  Alfred D. Marr (TBKX 182-1) sending A.F.W. 3066 and enrolment card for him and asking for all clothing (except cap) & equipment.

10th August 1944

Lakenheath Battle Area.  Replying that this Pl. can send four men to fire Spigot Mortar on Sunday 20th August if petrol for car or Coy. Transport provided.

14th August 1944

Lakenheath Battle Area. Sunday 20th August.  Asking for 4 units of petrol.

16th August 1944

Squad Battle Practice, Heydon Bury, 27th August.  No squad can be sent.

30th August 1944

Clothing & Equipment.  Replying that no clothing & equipment required except for 1 man enrolled on 6th Aug, and that the Pl. has no surplus clothing & equipment.

Expended Ammunition.  Since memo dated 25th July .300 SAA 200 rounds, 9mm Sten amm 200 rounds.

31st August 1944

SAA (Practice .300)  Reporting that box received on 24.8.44 on recount found 17 contain 500 rounds and not 440 rounds.

9th September 1944

That O.C. Platoon will be absent from Meldreth 11th–16th September.

13th September 1944

Transfers.  Reporting that Pte. Frank Johnson (DAOE 277-6) has left Meldreth for work near his original unit and to rejoin it & referring to our memo dated 15th & 29th July 1944 and reporting clothing, etc., available for return to Coy store.

19th September 1944

Pte. Frank Johnson  –  Discrepancy concerning his Nat. Registration no. and sending AF H1158 showing clothing etc., issued and received from him.

Workshop Manager Univ. of Cambridge Eng. Laboratory.  Requesting him to alter the mounting of Spigot Mortar.

24th September 1944

Confidential.  Discharge of men who have not attempted to become efficient.

28th September 1944

LMG Spare Parts.  Reporting number of spare parts in possession of this Platoon.

29th September 1944

Return of stores to Battalion H.Q. Barrington.

6th October 1944

Loss of Clothing & Equipment.  Reporting loss of one pair of rubber boots and 1 pair D.R. gloves.

10th October 1944

Training Accommodation Account.  Claim for £8. 2s 6d on a/c rent, lighting, heating, etc., at Congregational School at 12/6d a week and sending signed & stamped receipt from Mr. A. Howard.

11th October 1944

Unused Petrol Coupon.  Coupon 07307 returned. Company Conference did not take place, asking for another coupon for journey to pick up equipment, etc.

20th October 1944

BartonRoad Range.   29th October (afternoon).  Replying that no men will be sent from this Platoon.

23rd October 1944

Clothing & Equipment of men discharged.  Reporting that T.G. Stubbings’s refusal to return clothing equipment, arms & ammunition issued to him and asking that necessary action be taken to recover the articles listed in this notice.  Receipted duplicates of 1) letter explaining, and 2) notice to return within a week enclosed.

Standing Down Home Guard.  “Appendices” (i.e. forms) filled in and returned concerning recovery of Clothing & Equipment from men discharged 1) G. Stubbing – Cl. & Equip. None recovered  2) D.B. Dash,  3) Alf. D. Marr  4) R. Newell (cadet).  5)  W.C. Pepper (of Queen Adelaide) – all Clothing & Equipment recovered, ref. Company memo dated 25.10.44.

9th November 1944

Stand Down Parade, Sunday 3rd December 1944 a.m.   Replying that officers and approx. 25 other ranks will attend.

20th November 1944

Registered letter to Mr. T.G. Stubbing.  Notice giving one more opportunity to return all clothing and equipment within times given, to Manting House, Meldreth and warning that failure will be an offence under Defence H.G. Regulations (under orders from Battalion).

22nd November 1944

Losses of Clothing & Equipment.  Further report in reply to Coy. Memo dated 20.11.44, on 1 pair D.R’s gloves and 1 pair rubber boots.

24th November 1944

Standing Down of Home Guard – Training Accommodation Accounts.  Reporting particulars of Congregational School tenancy for 1 months’ notice to end it, to be sent to Mr. A. A. Howard and promising to send Claim for Payment from the 7AA when notice has been given to Mr. Howard.

27th November 1944

Return of Clothing & Equipment of Discharged Men.  T.G. Stubbing (TBKX 61-1).  Reporting that registered letter as ordered has been sent and that S. has not returned the articles or offered any explanation – with 3 enclosures.

29th November 1944

Food Permits & Catering.   Licences – returning 3 form S.A.1 and 1 form 353 and 2 forms 354.

8th December 1944

Training Accommodation Accounts.  Claim for £3. 5s. 0d. Rent of Congregational School at 5s a week for quarter ending 25th December 1944.  (No claim for cleaning, heating, electricity or repairs.)

18th December 1944

Recall of “G” Licences.  A.F. A2017 licence no. A363478 for Vauxhall car No. VE5090 returned.  No others in this Pl. + no E.L. labels.

27th December 1944

Recall of Clothing, Equipment & Arms and Ammunition.  Sending two statements of 1) Clothing & Equipment  & 2) Arms & Ammunition taken away by QMS Wedd & reporting other articles ready for removal and also S.A.A.


21st January 1945

Recall of Equipment, Arms & Ammunition.
Two further lists 1)of articles recorded in AF H1158  2) of articles not issued to individuals – removed by QMS and reporting S.A.A. not yet removed.

Disposal of Documents.  Delivering bundle containing documents under heads (a) (b) (d) & (e) of Battn. Order dated 3rd January 1945.

(To be delivered by O.C. Platoon personally).


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