A Few of the Staff Working at the Atlas Stone Company

- a collection of photographs of staff working on the Meldreth Site between 1930 and 1970

by Terry Dash and Tim Gane

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Photo:Carpenters Best Kept Department

Carpenters Best Kept Department

Bill Nunn

Back, L to R: Eric Chamberlain, Vic Anderson, Harold Hinkins, Joe Cooper, Patch Chamberlain, _____, Jim Tucker, Sid Cann, Dickie Watson, Bill Halls, Ray Catley.

Front, L to R: Billy Taylor, Jack Housden, Sid Chamberlain, Stan Watts, George Catley

Photo:11am Tea Break in the 1950s

11am Tea Break in the 1950s

Bill Nunn

L to R:  Alfie Day, Don Chinery, George Anderson, Bill Nunn

Photo:Ducting Gang in the early '50s

Ducting Gang in the early '50s

Bill Nunn

L to R Ken Truett, __________, George Anderson, Fred Dance, Alfie Day, Bert Turvey, Bill Nunn

Photo:Standard & SMG Section (1962)

Standard & SMG Section (1962)

Maud Pethrick

Back Row L to R: ___, ____, Valerie Cooper or Sue Butler, _____, _____, Bett May, Carol Mead, Joan Hayes, Pauline Hiscock, ______, Mrs Forest, Mrs Bradley, Margaret Waldock

Middle Row L to R: _____, _____, _____, Jack Miles, Pam Cooper, _____, ____, ____

Front Row L to R: Bett Day, ____, May Foggo

Photo:Loading Gang in the mid 40s

Loading Gang in the mid 40s

Christine Keith

Back: Eddie Phelps, Alick Newman, _______, ______.

Front: Ralph Mead, Bob Jacobs (?), _______.

Photo:Group of Atlas Workers in March 1955

Group of Atlas Workers in March 1955

Christine Keith

Back Row L to R: ____, _____, _____, _____, Fred Billett, Reg Catley

Third Row L to R: Harry Pullen, ____, _____, Jack Catley, _____Stan Watts, Bob Woods, _____.

Second Row L to R: George Pullen, ____, _____, Ted Day, ____, Bob Smith (blacksmith), Sid Chamberlain, ____ , _____

Front Row L to R: Bill Bullen, Charlie Phillips, Alec Newman, _____, ____, ____, ____, Sid Smith, ______.

Photo:A Group of Workers during the War

A Group of Workers during the War

Dolly Catley

Back, L to R: Doris____, ________, Jack Myles, Brenda East, Clara Hayes, Mrs ____ Carrington

Front, L to R: Joyce Chapman, Mrs Chapman, Joyce Warby, Joan Searle

Photo:In the 1940s

In the 1940s

Dolly Catley

L to R: Mr ____ Ford, Bob Woods, _______ What is the connection between these three gentlemen?

Photo:Also in the 1940s

Also in the 1940s

Dolly Catley

L to R Bill Hunt, _______ , Les Catley, Arch Hale. What is the connection between these four gentlemen?

Photo:Tom Smith - Blacksmith

Tom Smith - Blacksmith

Atlas Magazine

Tom Smith is pictured here in 1954 when he was 83 years of age. Tom, actual name Robert Albert Smith, was born in 1872. He cycled from Royston to the Atlas every day for 23 years to work from 8.30am until 5.30pm in the blacksmith’s shop.  Tom was very proud of his wife Edith and their family of six boys, four girls and twenty grand-children.  One of his sons, Sid Smith, was also employed at the Atlas.  Tom died in March 1957 aged 85.



Arthur Ford with Wynn Racher on his right, but who is the girl on the left?

Photo:Atlas Girls

Atlas Girls

Linda Clarke

L to R: Back:____, _____, Kath Payne,  Front: Daphne Cooper, Hilda Payne.  What is the connection of these girls?

Photo:Atlas Girls 2

Atlas Girls 2

Linda Clarke

L to R Marge Cooper, Rosie Pope, Betty Douse.  What is the connection between these 3 girls?

Photo:Atlas Canteen Staff

Atlas Canteen Staff

Linda Clarke

Back row, far right: Pansy King.
Front row, far right: Marina Thomas
Can you help us with any of the other names and a date please?

Photo:The Baker Family at Eternit

The Baker Family at Eternit

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