Simon Patten and Sarah Hayden

Langley Church, Essex
David Patten

I have traced my line back to Henry Patten of Barley.  If you go into the old Town House I hope you will still see on the wall the Muster Roll of 1587 and heading the list, my ancestor Henry Patten – the year before the Spanish Armada – so he was an important man (his wealth seems to have got lost by the time it reached me now in Somerset). If you also visit the churchyard at Langley you will see almost all the churchyard cleared of tombstones with the exception of two: Simon and Sarah Patten (1832 and 1855). They were supposed to have been married at Meldreth in 1812 but no-one has been able to find the entry. Sarah’s maiden name was Hayden. If anyone can track them down I would be most grateful.

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  • Thanks David, I’d appreciate if you could email me the pdf.
    I will give permission for you to have my email address


    By Del Bird (24/03/2022)
  • I have the Patten family tree back to Henry Patten d 1590 (+ his will in 6 pages that mentions armour amongst other things). Not sure how this works but I’m happy to email the pdf on request.

    By David Patten (21/03/2022)
  • Hi David,
    My GGG grandparents were Simon and Sarah Patten. I’ve gone back to 5x gg William Patten. You mentioned Henry. Would you know if he was Williams father?

    By Del Bird (21/03/2022)
  • George King Prime first married Susan and then married Charlotte after Susan died. I should have responded sooner …

    By Gail Harrington (31/03/2014)
  • Gail, Did you mean that Charlotte and not Susan was married to George King Prime? Also, if you can help me with birth/baptism/death dates for Simon Patten and Sarah Elizabeth Hayden and their Joseph Patten and Hannah Balk I would be very grateful. If I find any other information I will let you know. Kind Regards, Heather Ann Baker, England.

    By Heather Ann Baker (16/08/2013)
  • Hello Patten family, I found an entry on IGI several years ago for Simon Patten and Sarah Elizabeth Hayden who married 11 Feb 1812 in Meldreth.  Not sure if it is of much help to you, but happy to pass it along. Simon Patten and Sarah Elizabeth Hayden were my g-g-g-g grandparents via daughter Susan who married George King Prime. Simon Patten’s parents were Joseph Patten 1748-1805 and Hannah Balk c1755-1792 and if anyone can fill me in on their respective parents and/or children, I’d love to hear from you. Salutations from Canada!

    By Gail Harrington (18/02/2013)
  • David, Firstly, thank you for adding a page about your ancestors and a general comment on the website. I have checked the Meldreth Parish Register, as transcribed by Cambridgeshire Family History Society, and there is a record of the marriage you are looking for. Simon Patten, bachelor of Meldreth, married Sarah Hayden, spinster of Langley, Essex, by licence on 11th February 1812. The witnesses were George Pitty and Humfry Corse. (Elsewhere in the registers, this last name is recorded as Humphrey Course.) The original registers are held by Cambridgeshire Archives.  I hope this helps.

    By Kathryn Betts (20/10/2011)
  • That’s so helpful: many thanks. The marriage does not appear when you search all the usual on-line registers for some reason and 20 years ago I physically handled the Barley and Langley registers but of course I did not search Cambs.

    By David Patten (20/10/2011)

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